PD-Day Panelist 

I would like to extend a thank you to the PMI Lakeshore Chapter for the opportunity of speaking on a topic I love - Digital Healthcare.  I was drawn to do this based solely on the structure of a panel discussion, because it allows a presenter to truly engage with the audience, but also to collaborate with others having varying perspectives.

Even before the event, I was unsure about how the varied topics would mesh. On paper they seemed so vastly different.  Imagine my surprise to discover from the onset that each actually had parallels and key reference points of similarities and familiarity.  Presentations created in isolation of each other, had identical words - standards, ecosystem, privacy and security, meaningful use, etc.  More importantly, each topic built on its predecessor, and formed a comprehensive picture of what the future holds, and its implications for program/project managers. 

The feedback received after the session was overwhelming and abundantly positive.  The audience was enthused and full of inquiry, and I was personally humbled by the response.  They are asking for more, and I, for one, wholeheartedly support that means of delivery as being very effective.  More so, it can be expanded to include other features that result in full exploration of any topic in relation to participants. 

Again, thanks to the Chapter, the organisers, and the attendees.  It was my privilege sharing in the outcomes of their time and hard work! 


Jennifer Drakes
The Ember Group Inc.

Jennifer Drakes

May 6, 2018

PD-Day Attendee 

Thanks so much for a fun day! The organizers did a great job setting up and managing the event. Great speakers, great venue. Looking forward to next year.

Nell Colucci, PMP

May 6, 2018

PD-Day Speaker 

Congratulations to organizers for a great event! It takes a lot of effort to make it run this smooth!

George Jucan, PMP

May 6, 2018

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